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Hiring the best people for technical roles or functions is undoubtedly challenging – considerable time and money are lost when a candidate turns out to be unable to perform as expected.



You are about to employ a new colleague, who must be capable of handling or solving complicated, technical issues as it is an essential part of the job. Furthermore, we all know how little time there is to clarify whether the right skills are present and that a wrong decision may often be an expensive one. The technical knowledge of an candidate will typically appear from the CV. However, the ability of systematic troubleshooting does not, as it is a separate competence that has nothing to do with technical knowledge. Therefore - how do you make sure that the skills of your future colleague will match your demands?

Our realistic skill test reveals the ability of the candidate to handle and solve complicated technical issues quickly and safely. It provides you with a qualified suggestion at the competences of the candidate. You may run the skill test before a second interview and use the result as a tool of dialog. An evaluation of the test result cannot stand alone but may enter in the overall assessment as an essential element.

At the start of the test, the candidate is introduced to a realistic, technical problem, which is to be solved safely, quickly, and cost-efficient. It is not essential if the problem is solved within the time limit but rather what the candidate is doing during the troubleshooting. A lot of data from different parameters are registered, analyzed, and presented in a well-arranged test report with a focus on the candidate working systematically, understanding the problem, making rational decisions, reducing the risk, and showing determination even when it is difficult. A good result may, therefore, be obtained without necessarily solving the problem, as well as one may get a less good result even if the problem is resolved within the time limit.

Our Clients On Sim4People Recruitment Test

We have used sim4people’s simulation tool during the recruiting process for the job positions as Incident and Problem Managers in Nets. It has been a very useful exercise. The decisions on selecting the right candidates have been more qualified. The simulation helped us being able to observe the personality of the candidate in a more concentrated and stressed setup environment, which sometimes can be difficult to discover in a regular interview. We can highly recommend using sim4people as a part of the recruitment process.

– NETS Denmark A/S


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