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Sim4People stands for competence in Scenario-Based Training. Coming from a strong practical background – we are continuously engaging with our customers to add value and keep our products as relevant and up to date as possible.

The purpose of our products is to provide a “safe-to-fail” learning environment through carefully controlled inputs (“when” and “how” is information provided / available) and highly interactive exercises that drive the adoption of essential behaviors without the need of heavy theory.

The concept of exercise-feedback-repetition is guiding how we develop and design our products.

Our customers get a very straight forward, linear behavior pattern that allows for immediate application and results – and is also capable of being integrated in a methodology (Kepner-Tregoe, ITIL, COBIT, IT4IT etc.) or a tool (ServiceNow, BMC, HP, SAP) solution to drive quality of data from the first contact to resolution.

Sim4People is also partnering with other organizations to provide more complex solutions to our customers or, indeed, customers of our partners.

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